Sneha Bharadwaj

Sneha Bharadwaj is a Indian classical dancer who, over numerous years, has pioneered the Indian Classical Dance scene in Munich, Germany. She holds a bachelor’s degree in choreography from Bangalore University and a master’s degree in fine art from Bharatidasan University. A recipient of numerous prestigious awards, Sneha has showcased her talent at diverse dance festivals across India, Germany, the USA, France, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, and other countries. Apart from her proficiency in dance, she is also trained in Yoga and Indian Martial Arts.

As the founder and artistic director of ‚Abhinaya Indischer Tanz‘ and ‚Abhinaya Tanz Kampani,‘ her Indian dance school and company in Munich, Sneha has curated and presented productions such as Soulmate, Shakti, Sambhrama, Tarang, Nritya Parva, Leela & Sammilana, collaborating with Western classical ballet. These productions have garnered her widespread acclaim, establishing her as a distinguished artist with unique performances. Through her art, Sneha aims to empower and continue celebrating South Asian art in all its splendor within the European context.

Hatha Yoga and Meditation
TUESDAY, 18.30 – 19.30


Discover serenity and embrace balance with „Find Your Flow“
with Sneha Bharadwaj

What to Expect:
• Gentle stretches that awaken your body
• Peaceful breaths that soothe your mind
• Tranquil meditation to center your spirit

There’s no rush, just find your peaceful flow and let’s grow together.

Why Join Us?
• Expert guidance in a serene environment
• Connect with like-minded individuals
• Nurture your body, mind, and spirit

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Unwind with Hatha Yoga: Finding Peace in Movement

Hatha Yoga, the ancient practice that harmonizes the body and mind through physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation, offers a profound avenue for unwinding and cultivating inner peace. Here’s how:

  1. Gentle Stretches: Hatha Yoga incorporates gentle stretches that help release tension stored in the muscles and joints. Through mindful movement and alignment, students gradually unwind tightness, improving flexibility, and promoting relaxation.
  2. Peaceful Breaths: Central to Hatha Yoga is the integration of breath with movement. Students learn to deepen and expand their breath, fostering a sense of calm and tranquility. Through conscious breathing techniques, they can alleviate stress, quiet the mind, and cultivate a profound connection to the present moment.
  3. Tranquil Mind: Hatha Yoga encourages the cultivation of a tranquil mind through meditation and mindfulness practices. As students synchronize breath with movement, they enter a state of flow where distractions fade away, and inner peace blossoms. With regular practice, they develop resilience against the stresses of daily life, fostering mental clarity and emotional well-being.